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CND Shellac Nails London – Professional Treatment

It takes something quite revolutionary to inspire those who work in the beauty industry, but we can honestly say we are very impressed with CND Shellac Nails.  It’s for this reason we became the best provider of Shellac nails London has to offer.  Join the mass of women already taking advantage of this new and exciting brand.  Book an appointment with us today!

Why CND Shellac Nails?

Not everyone has the time to do their nails regularly, but we all want to look and feel fabulous right?  Here are five reasons you need to swich to CND Shellac nails:

  • 14+ days of high performance
  • Quick drying
  • Quick removal
  • No damage
  • Unparalleled shine

During our experience with Shellac, what impressed us most about the brand was the zero damage to your nails during application and removal.  Many women fear the damage done to their nails during application and removal, but with Shellac nails there is actually a significant improvement in nail health.  There’s no scraping, scratching and filing during the process, and when colours are removed, your nails are stronger, smoother, and look visibly healthier than before!

Performance CND Shellac Nails

Whether you’re searching in the darkest reaches of your hand bag for your keys or lifting the ring pull on a can of diet coke, we’ve all chipped our nails before, and it’s very frustrating!  Shellac nails don’t allow this to happen.  There really isn’t another product we could recommend to protect your nails this well.  Those we have treated have all reported, that even after two weeks their nails look as though they’ve just been done!

Our City of London Shellac Nails Reputation

When you’re looking for the best Shellac nails in Shoreditch, Spitalfields, Liverpool Street, Old Street, London Wall or indeed anywhere in the London City area, you really need to make sure you get an appointment with a professional.  By this we mean someone who has training and experience with Shellac nails, and someone with a good reputation!

We are widely considered as one of the best in the area because we’re a lot more than simply qualified to give you this treatment.  We specialise in customer service and like to consult with our clients about the look they wish to achieve.  Here at Beauty Bars we are happy to chat with you to better understand which shades will give you the style you want and the longevity you need.

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