Non-Surgical Face Lift

As well as the tried and tested natural treatments at Beauty Bars, as one of our valued clients, you get to tap into the knowledge and experience provided by our Beauty Specialists, in a comfortable, friendly environment.

Non-Surgical Face Lift

Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and it requires care and attention in much the same way as the rest of your body. At Beauty Bars we recognise that each person has a very different skin type and we work with our clients to customise their treatments accordingly.

The Ultimate Face Lift and Hydration Facial

Introducing the Ultimate Face Lift and Hydrating Facial. If you're suffering from dry, dehydrated skin and you have fine lines and wrinkles this facial is for you. Using radio frequency in combination with a newly innovated bionanocell mask, the mask's materials are smaller than a skin pore and is derived from the plant imperata cylindrica, this is an active cell renewal mask to fill up fine lines and deep wrinkles and intensely hydrates the skin.

Time: 90 minutes | Cost: £80

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Glow and Plump

Introducing hyaluronic acid to your skin is like drinking from the fountain. This is one of the most hydrating and plumping treatments out there. Reducing fine lines and wrinkles and giving a plumped effect using our amazing derma peel device.

Time: 30-60 minutes | Cost: £40-£60

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Turn Back Time

Working in the City can cause major skin problems including premature ageing and radical damage. This facial is specifically designed to prevent and decelerate the ageing process of the delicate tissues of the face. This exceptional skin workout stimulates tissues at a cellular level, naturally restoring skin firmness as it smoothes away lines and wrinkles.

We also add hyaluronic acid to add hydration and plump up the skin using our unique dermapeel device.

Time: 30-60 minutes | Cost: £40-£60

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