Microneedling, Peels & Vitamin Injections

Microneedling has become a leading beauty treatment across the industry, and the reason for this? It truly works. In short, the tiny needles create a ‘mini trauma’ to the skin that then begins to start the healing process. As a result, the skin produces more collagen and elastin which helps to improve numerous skin issues. These include; stretch marks, scars, acne scarring, skin tone, wrinkles, fine lines, loose skin, large pores and pigmentation.

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At Beauty Bars, we deliver Peels that are absolutely fabulous! Without actually ‘peeling’ the skin, this treatment really works on most skins and will make the skin glow and give a youthful appearance. It tightens the pores and sterilises the skin which makes it perfect to apply prior to Microneedling. With similar results as Microneedling these two are excellent to combine together for an explosive finish.

Red Carpet Facial - Vitamin Injections & Peel

This facial is a favourite amongst celebrities in need of a youthful and beautiful boost before a special event.The treatment delivers sensational camera ready results. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and evens pigmentation. The ultimate glow facial.

Time: 60 minutes | Cost: £90

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Peel & Explosive Vit C Boost

This facial is amazing for pigmentation, sun damage, scar pigmentation or just uneven skin tone. Leaving your skin brighter, younger and more hydrated. Our Vitamin C facial is developed to provide firmness, elasticity, rejuvenation and uniformity for skin tone.

Time: 45 minutes | Cost: £60

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Peel Away (ADD ON)

Chemical peels are the ultimate way to revive your skin without invasive surgery making it look more youthful, even and radiant. Amazing for acne, scarring and uneven pigmentation. This treatment will give a glow to dull and tired looking skin. It's quick and pain-free and one of the most effective facials with no downtime for an instant result. It's almost like magic.

Time: 15 minutes | Cost: £20

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Derma pen is the new skin inovation treatment which has literally taken over the beauty world with its fantastic long lasting results. It's the must have treatment for long term effectiveness for all sorts of skin issues which includes pigmentation, acne, scarring, ageing and sagging skin. For all ages and all skin types and it's even great for sensitive skin. The ultimate beauty treatment today.

Time: 60 minutes | Cost: £100

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