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How do I keep a tan from fading?

How how to keep a tan from fading

5 Easy Ways to Keep your Tan from Fading

Learn five of the best ways to keep your tan from fading with this amazing mini guide. Your skin will stay tanned and keep that beautiful glow all year long.

5 Easy Ways to Keep a Tan from Fading

When is the best time to tan?

Summertime is always the ideal time for those that like tanning but as we all know it can be dangerous if overdoing it, mainly for the increased risk of skin cancer but also for the ageing affect exposure to the sun can do to a person. Getting a light natural tan, a sun kissed tan, is the safest option and then top it up with an almost organic spray tan such as Fake Bake.

Here is our tan guide that you can easily learn   

  1. Don’t exfoliate more than once a week
  2. Moisturise with water based moisturiser 
  3. Avoid long hot showers or baths
  4. Use a daily moisturiser with a light gradual tan
  5. Drink loads of water                                                                     
  • It’s important to exfoliate loads before getting a spray tan or planning on getting a natural tan from the sun. Exfoliation removed dead skin cells, moisturiser, oils, deodorants or similar so that the skin is perfectly prepared for getting that perfect even tan. 
  • As well as it is important to exfoliate prior to tanning it is just as important to moisturise the skin. Prior to the the tan oil based moisturisers are fine to use but post spray tan or natural tan only water based moisturisers are recommended to use. It prevents the tan from being rubbed off from towels or clothing. So using a water based moisturiser will help your tan from fading too quickly.
  • Avoiding those long hot showers is a good idea if you want to stop your tan from fading. The power stream of the shower almost works like a light exfoliate and will slowly start rubbing that tan off. Try having shorter and not boiling hot showers and the same goes for long baths, regardless of the temperature, it will slowly remove your tan faster than desired. This advice is mainly valid for spray tans and not so much for natural tans. 
  • A good advice to keep that beautiful tan going regardless of if you are having a fake tan or natural tan is to apply a water based moisturiser with a gradual tan in it. It will keep your actual tan topped up and make it last for weeks and weeks. Also these type of moisturisers are designed to not exfoliate due to the gradual tanning ingredient so they are perfect for keeping that tan going for a very long time. A great combination!
  • Drinking loads of water is essential to keep a healthy and moisturised skin. Drinking water prevents it from becoming dry and scale of. Drinking water has so many other amazing benefits along with a beautiful looking skin so keep on topping that water bottle up! 

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