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Eyelash extensions are nothing new of course.  Those quintessential fluttering eyelashes that everyone dreams about have been sought after for years, but it’s only now that you can get the very best results.  Here at Beauty Bars we are highly trained and specialise in the very latest treatments, including: Russian Volume and Tahitian Feathering.  Having had vast experience of other extension procedures, we strongly recommend that you opt for our treatments to achieve the best, natural look every time.

Our London eyelash extensions

  • safe and comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Water resistant
  • Do not attach to eyelids or skin
  • Applied to individual eyelashes to give a more natural look
  • A choice of lash colours
  • A choice of length
  • A choice of curl styles, from subtle to downright glam!
  • Advice on the maintenance of your eyelash extensions
  • Touch up services as your lashes begin to shed naturally

Specialist lashes

  • Russian Volume. Only applied by certified technicians.  Russian layering involves applying multiple, fine lashes to a single eyelash to add greater volume.
  • Tahitian Feathering. Only applied by certified technicians.  Tahitian feathering is a popular technique, again applying multiple lashes to a single eyelash.  However, this treatment uses lashes of varying lengths to give your lashes a “feathered” look.

Why get eyelash extensions?

  • Get noticed
  • Look younger
  • Feel confident
  • Accentuate your femininity
  • Emphasise and define your eyes

Indefinite London eyelash extensions

The beauty of opting for our London Lashes is that they could well be an indefinite part of your look.  With regular “touch up” visits to Beauty Bars, we can maintain your style so when your eyelashes naturally shed and new ones reform, we simply apply the appropriate length extensions wherever they are required.  Our aftercare service is excellent and you can maintain your look with the same beautician each visit if you like.  Having someone who knows your style is invaluable, and we always make a point of getting to know our clients.

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