Covid- 19 Update

As most of you know, last week we made the decision to temporarily close down our lovely salon and it literally broke our hearts. But we couldn’t obviously risk the health and safety of our clients, ourselves and the nearest and dearest and we are hoping to open up as soon as it feels safe again. We are doing virtual consultations so please email or call us to set up a meeting and still selling most of our products online even the Environ skincare. To be able to buy Environ skincare as a first time costumer you need to have a consultation first and we offer this via Skype or Whatsap/Imessage video call free of charge and then we will send you the products directly to your doorstep and you don’t need to pay for postage.

We also wanted to say that we are overwhelmed with the massive support and love that we have experienced from our clients, friends and future clients. As this is such an unpredictable time in all of our lives and we have really no idea of what the future holds, one thing we really have felt is the closeness and love from friends and strangers – together we can do this 

️We felt it coming and in the end it was more or less ‘impossible’ to stay open when the risk was increasing rapidly. But we will come out of this stronger than ever and we just wanted to thank all of our wonderful clients and friends for the incredible support. We are sending love and hope to all of you.

With all of our love –

Iman and Ingrid / Beauty Bars

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