Beauty therapy tips: How to wash your hair

It might sound like the easiest thing in the world, and something you do all the time without thinking about. But there is a right and wrong way to do it, and we’re here with some more Beauty therapy tips to help you get it right…

We all want beautiful hair. We want that bounce and shine. Healthy hair is the goal ladies! And boy oh boy do we feel good when we get it. But how can you get this fabled “healthy hair” without spending a fortune at your favourite beauty salon. It’s bad enough spending a fortune on beauty therapy as it is right?

Well, it might seem like we’re shooting ourselves in the foot by dissuading you to spend money on beauty therapy, but we’re not hairdressers! We’ll share a few of our favourite hairdressers in our area of the city in another article, but for now, wash your own hair!

  • Rinsing. The obvious first step of course. Rinsing your hair needs to be done with hot water. This isn’t just to do an initial clean, there is a science to the rinse. Apparently rinsing with hot water before you apply anything will open the cuticule. This allows any product that’s left actually inside your hair to be released and it opens it up for the next step.
  • Condition. Shock horror! Conditioning now? Yes, now. You don’t work in beauty therapy as long as us without picking up a few tips! It’s particularly important if you’ve got long hair because the ends do get damaged right? You don’t have to do a full on job here, just a little conditioner and a quick rinse. This will fill your open cuticles with moisture and really help give you that shine.
  • Shampoo, but be careful. There are several schools of thought in the beauty therapy industry about this, but we subscribe to this. Don’t use too much to begin with. It’s often tempting to use loads of shampoo if you’ve got long hair, but you really don’t need it. You’ll save money and lessen the chance of not getting it all out if you’re in a hurry. Work the lather at the scalp where your hair will be the oiliest. Work the shampoo out from there to the tips of your hair. The trick here is to be very gentle. Don’t scrub your head around and do things too fast. Your shampoo has everything it should need to get your hair clean, so you shouldn’t need to do any of its work; you really can damage your hair when you wash it. One last thing about shampooing. Regardless of what beauty therapy tips you’ve heard in the past, don’t do it all again. You will only ever need to shampoo again if you have really dirty hair!
  • Condition. The second condition. Make sure you rinse out all the shampoo and squeeze as much water out of it too. Conditioning your hair is mostly about moisturising it. With this in mind, you really don’t need to worry too much about the roots. The natural oils will do enough there. However, once you have applied conditioner to the rest of your hair, make sure you leave it on as long as you can. The best thing to do is begin your shower with your hair wash, so you can clip up your hair and leave the conditioner on whilst you have a wash.
  • Final rinse. The final rinse should be cold. As cold as you can stand it in the shower. You rinse the conditioner away, but you will retain that valuable moisture in your cuticles because the cold water will seal them tight.

So there’s your beauty therapy tips for this week. Have you really been washing your hair wrong all this time?

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