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Beauty Bars

Beauty Bars is operating small beauty bars around the City of London, we are here to provide you with some of the most innovative and affective bespoke beauty treatments available today. All our specialist facial treatments are customised to each individual client by our highly experienced professionals. Along with the combined knowledge of our executive therapists, we use cutting edge technology and insist on using cosmetic products from top brands such as Environ only to deliver unparalleled results, carefully chosen by consultation and analysis of our clients’ skin type. We are the number one place in the Liverpool street area for Environ skin care.

Your Skin and You

Your skin is the largest organ your body owns, and it requires care and attention in much the same way as the rest of your body. At Beauty Bars we recognise that each person has a very different skin type. As we grow older or our bodies change, and so too does our skin. Our skin isn’t affected by age alone. Genetic make-up, lifestyle, and even our environment effects our skin, and this is why it needs regular and constantly reviewed treatments. Anti-ageing treatments that work for you today, may not work for you in the future!

Feel Good And Look Even Better

As well as the tried and tested natural facial treatments at Beauty Bars, you get to tap into the knowledge and experience provided by our specialists, in a comfortable, friendly environment. Whether it’s background knowledge about the products we use, such as ENVIRON – the renowned South African company – or more information about some of our treatments and how they’ll work for you: microdermabrasion, peels, skin needling, meso thera etc. You’ll have made a friend in the London beauty industry that won’t give you promises they can’t keep, that will be realistic with your treatments and expectations and enable you to see noticeable results!


We have a number of specialist facial treatments available to you, including our:

  • Basic Beauty Environ facials
  • Beauty Bars skin needling
  • Beauty Bars meso therapy
  • Beauty bars peels
  • Beauty bars signature facials

We strongly recommend that you come along for a free consultation with one of our executive therapists to discuss your treatment needs. We are certain that we can work wonders for you!

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