Three easy skin care tips from Beauty Bars

Three easy skin care tips from Beauty Bars

There are many ways to look after your skin.  You’ve more than likely heard hundreds of tips for looking after your skin, however we have chosen arguably the top three in our opinion.  Not “top” in the sense that they’ll work miracles and have your skin looking the best it can, but top in the sense that they’re easily achievable and free!

  • Get some rest. Sleep is an essential part of maintaining healthy skin.  Your body repairs when it’s at rest and this includes your skin.  The more rest you can get the better, and you’ll certainly combat tired and puffy looking eyes.
  • Drink water. It goes without saying that drinking water is also essential.  It’s arguably the most frequently favoured tip among beauty experts too.  Hydration, hydration, hydration ladies, that’s the key. Your skin is an organ and your organs don’t function properly without enough water.  A lack of adequate hydration will cause your skin to dry out, become tight and even flaky.
  • Green tea. Drinking green tea has always been good for your body in general.  It’s an antioxidant that purges and protects; and it’s actually quite nice too (I like mine with a little honey!)  However, are you aware that you can treat your face directly with it?  Mix a couple of teaspoons of green tea with your nourishing cream and add a little sugar.  You should have a bit of a paste.  Apply this to your face and leave it for about 20 mins before washing it off!

Environ Facial treatments

Obviously all these things are good for your skin, but you might be one of those women that actually can’t get that much rest, or you don’t have time to faff around mixing green tea with your moisturiser.  Getting a facial treatment at your local salon has a lasting effect because it’s so intensive.  Clearly the best type at the moment is the Environ facial treatment system, so if your local beauty salon provides it, we strongly urge you to give it a try.

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