Tantra Massage

Tantra MassageNow we don’t profess to be Tantra massage experts, but we do know a thing or two about it. When you’ve studied massage therapy to the extent that we have, you learn about all techniques and services and everything that they can do for you. At Beauty Bars, we offer Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi massage services, both of which are incredibly relaxing and therapeutic, but they’re on a different level to Tantra massage.

Tantra massage is extremely sensual, and spiritual in many ways. There are some very specific tenets that Tantra therapists follow, and the very best masseurs and masseuses have been practising these for a considerable amount of time. Tantra massage uses bioenergetics, yoga and sexual therapy to fully relax you, along with very basic massage techniques of course. As we have discovered, sometimes it doesn’t matter what type of massage you get, it just feels so natural and relaxing to have another’s hands on your body working your muscles.

Bioenergetics and Tantra massage

Bioenergetics is a biochemistry term that refers to the flow of energy through the body. There’s a lot that we can’t fully explain here, but it’s to do with the transferal of various chemicals in the body from one area to another. On a much more basic level, it’s all to do with blood flow; since this is what carries those important chemicals around the body. Most massages will help to improve your blood flow, but Tantra massage focuses on very particular ways, often highly sensual ways, in which to do this.

The myths surrounding Tantra massage

Tantra massage has become somewhat debased over the years, sadly due to a number of practitioners who focus entirely on the sexual side of things, and who don’t really understand or appreciate what it’s all about. It’s true that this type of massage can work wonders for those undergoing sexual therapy, including improved blood flow to the genitals, and learning about their own sexual energies etc. but it’s incredibly important that this other side of Tantra massage should be ignored. It muddies the water, so to speak, and leaves those who want to experience a genuinely spiritual massage struggling to find the truly expert practitioners.

Based on our experience in massage, and personal recommendations from actual customers, our recommendation for Tantra specialists has to be Chase Massage. These guys are highly professional, but what we like most about them is the fact that they’re local to London City!


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