London Beauty Treatments!

As a welcome to our London Beauty Salon we’re offering all new customers half price on their first visit to Beauty Bars!  It’s an exciting time for our new business and we really want to share it with you, and build a solid client list.  We’re confident that you will want to return to us after you’ve tried some of our services.  Our London beauty treatments really are cutting edge!

Half price London beauty salon treatments now!

All you have to do is take a look at our available treatments and give us a call when you’ve decided what you would be interested in.  Don’t be shy, you can book more than one treatment if you like, we’re happy to book you in for as long as we need to.  There’s nothing like being completely ready if you’ve got a big night out planned, and the beauty of our London beauty treatments is that they’re long lasting of course!

We use a lot of Environ products like Vita Peptide for these treats

Maintaining your look with Beauty Bars

Don’t forget that once you’ve had your nails done, you can come back to us to for touch ups!  Shellac Nails are the latest in nail treatments and they last for over two weeks, and can stand a pretty hard battering!  If you want to maintain your nails after this time, you can simply come to us and get them touched up.

They’re not the only treatments you can maintain of course.  Eyebrows and eyelash extensions can be touched up too, and indeed they’ll need to be to maintain the look you want to achieve.  Our eyelash extensions are one of our most popular London beauty treatments.  They are meticulously applied to individual eyelashes, in order to give you that natural look.  Sadly though, eyelashes shed over time, so getting them touched up is a must!

Not only will you get good value for money, maintaining your look with Beauty Bars, you’ll also make some new friends…

Look forward to seeing you very soon!

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