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Shoreditch beauty and fitness

Shoreditch is getting very vibrant these days and there’s a whole new culture appearing there, thanks to the diverse inhabitants and the rise of so many new offices opening all over the place.  You’re perhaps one of those women who work in these offices?  Or perhaps you’re simply local to Shoreditch.  Either way, we would like to share some of our Shoreditch beauty and fitness recommendations for your convenience.  We have first-hand experience of the places we recommend, and where we don’t, we have it on very good authority from our clients.

Shoreditch Fitness

  • Frame – 29 New Inn Yard. It’s not all about Shoreditch beauty treatments here at Beauty Bars, we’re all about that fitness too.  However, not everyone wants to pummel themselves into the floor when they work out.  Some women like to tone up a little more.  This is why we like Frame.  Along with the usual fitness facilities, Frame has excellent Yoga, Pilates and dance classes that really target those areas you want to keep firm!  It’s also open until 22.00.
  • Market Sports – 1-6 Bateman’s Row. It might not be the biggest gym, but it’s certainly got everything you need and the people there are really friendly.  Great choice of classes to take advantage of: spinning, Yoga, Pilates etc. but you do have to book them up as early as you can because there aren’t that many gyms around this area.  Comes highly recommended.

Shoreditch Beauty

  • Jones and Payne – 73 Curtain Road. If they gave ratings to hairdressers in the same way they gave them to London hotels, Jones and Payne would easily be a five.  The talent here is clearly reviewed if you Google the place, but what we like, along with the great services, is the décor.  It’s like walking into a boutique hotel actually.  From the artwork on the walls, to the plush leather sofas, this haven of Shoreditch beauty is marvellous.  What’s even better than this for most of us is that they’re open until 18.00 on a Sunday!
  • The Massage Lab – Any Shoreditch beauty therapist worth their salt will tell you that another important factor to looking good is feeling good. Be that recovery from injury or working out too hard in one of the gyms we mentioned, or just for relaxation purposes, a massage really does work wonders!  They also specialise in reflexology and applied reflexology.

Now you have a few plans to satisfy your Shoreditch beauty and fitness needs, you might be interested in browsing some of the specialist treatments we offer at Beauty Bars.