Environ Products STILL available!

For those who are already using Environ and has had a treatment with us:

We are very pleased to announce that we are still able to sell Environ Products (and actually all of our other brands) and send them straight to do your door step (no contact whatsoever). It is important to keep using the Vitamin A, specially when you are on the higher strengths of Environ as if you leave it more than a month (absolute longest period without using) you will need to step down and start from beginners level again, which is quite annoying for many as sometimes it can take years for the skin to become accustomed to the higher levels or sometimes even the lower once, depending on how sensitive your skin is or if you are breaking out a lot etc. So get your orders in now so that you can come out on the other side of this lock down looking more radiant then ever before :).

For those who’d like an online consultation to start their ‘Environ journey’:

This is also an excellent time for for beginners to start their ‘Environ journey’ – there is not so much to do now anyway so why don’t start building up Vitamin A in your skin and see the incredible transformation over this period of time. It is very easy and we give a 10 percent of for all new Environ clients until we can reopen our salon :). We will do a virtual consultation either on Whatsapvideo, Skype or Facetimevideo and it will be the exact same procedure like we would do in ‘real life’. We access your skin, ask a number of questions and then we make a product guide along with a time line for you to achieve the desired result – simple! And we are very confident that each and every one of you that get the right Environ products for your specific skin will end up loving it and it will literally change the way you look at skincare AND you will never look back, it is simply a game changer. So take this time of now and start this amazing skin journey with us.

Is Environ Skin Care good? Well, here we have pointed out 5 reasons why you should use Environ Skincare:

  • 1 – Environ Skin Care has created a way to overcome the potential side effects of vitamin A with their proprietary Vitamin Step-Up System. It slowly introduces vitamin A into the skin so that no irritations or redness will occur and the journey to amazing skin can start pretty much straight away after starting on your first bottle. It also strengthen the skin and makes it ‘thicker’ and stronger rather than making it ‘weaker’ and extremely dry as what some very strong retinoids would do.
  • 2 – The products are manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients combinations and fresh, active vitamins. The bottles are vacuumed to preserve everything inside and to protect it from being contaminated.
  • 3 – Environ products are manufactured under strictly controlled contaminant-free laboratory conditions at their newly built state-of-the-art factory in Cape Town, South Africa. This new facility is industry leading and one of a kind in the cosmetic world. It basically doesn’t get much better than this.
  • 4 – Founded over 40 years ago by Dr Des Fernandes which is one of the leading profiles in the world of Skin care. This is an honest brand with decades of studies, research and case-studies behind it.
  • 5 – Treats skin pigmentation, sun damaged skin, dry skin, aging skin, skin sensitivity, skin breakouts, using different peels for different skin concerns, using electric skin treatments for different skin concerns. Please look at some of ours ‘before and after’ photos and you will clearly see some of the dramatic positive changes that these products can do to your skin.

See what 5 years of using Environ Skin Range can do to your aging process, you would this that this is the other way around but it’s not.

Another dramatic positive change in the quality of the skin.

The sun damage is almost completely gone.

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