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Drink your way to good health: Is wine really good for you?

We all really, really want this to be the truth right? Most people we know like to have a glass or two of wine in the evening, but just how much is good for you? And can it really do the things some “experts” suggest? We’re all very aware that drinking too much alcohol is bad of course, particularly for those under a lot of stress, or inde... Read more


Now we don’t profess to be Tantra massage experts, but we do know a thing or two about it. When you’ve studied massage therapy to the extent that we have, you learn about all techniques and services and everything that they can do for you. At Beauty Bars, we offer Swedish massage and Lomi Lomi massage services, both of which are incredibly rela... Read more

Beauty Bars Recommends

We can’t do everything at Beauty Bars, sadly. You’ll see on our list of treatments that we specialise in certain areas, and we’re proud to say that we list these because we’re really good at them! We’re not the type of salon that’s likely to list a treatment that we can’t do to the very best of our ability. Competition for beauty ther... Read more

Lomi Lomi massage London: The best service from Beauty Bars

You will have probably noticed already that we offer massage services as well as beauty treatments. In our minds the two things go hand in hand. When you feel good on the inside, you often look good on the outside, and since beauty treatments are what we’re in the business of, massage is just a part of that. A relaxing massage as part of your ... Read more

Beauty therapy tips: How to wash your hair

It might sound like the easiest thing in the world, and something you do all the time without thinking about. But there is a right and wrong way to do it, and we’re here with some more Beauty therapy tips to help you get it right… We all want beautiful hair. We want that bounce and shine. Healthy hair is the goal ladies! And boy oh boy do we... Read more

The best beauty salon in London: What ranks for you?

A very lofty statement to make about any salon, we think you’ll agree!  You’ve probably been to a few different places, and you probably have a favourite.  What makes the best beauty salon in London for you?  Is it the price?  The treatments on offer?  Or is it the service? At Beauty Bars we are trying to keep a good balance between the... Read more